[Harmony-Drafting] Notes from today's meeting

Andrew Sinclair andrew.sinclair at canonical.com
Wed Jun 22 16:46:37 UTC 2011

Hi all,

Here are the notes from today's meeting.  As you will see, there are a 
couple topics to be picked up on this list.

Warm regards,

Andrew Sinclair
Legal Counsel
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= Harmony Meeting 22 Jun 2011 =

== Attendees ==
  * Steve Walli
  * Andrew Sinclair
  * Amanda Brock
  * Allison Randall

== Feedback on the beta ==
Mark Radcliffe has made some recommendations by email regarding patent 
language.  We moved the definition of patent claims into the patent 
section.  Mark's changes appear to be mostly small edits.  Allison will 
update with what Mark proposed so we can see the whole thing. 
Generally, no objections to what Mark proposed, but we will take this to 
the mailing list.

== Endorsement / use ==
It will be a lot of work to advance adoption over the summer.  We can 
check in as a group over time.

== Agreement not to sue ==
We will defer this to the mailing list.  There are no strong opinions on 
the call.

== Copyleft option ==
Allison will ask for feedback on the list, as there is no way to 
generically represent Copyleft.  For example, there are important 
distinctions between GPL, LGPL, AGPL that would be ignored if we just 
used "Copyleft".  Therefore, it seems that using the option to list 
licenses would be best for that case.

== Release ==
We would like to get the release out quickly after the beta closes.  We 
have always intended to deliver the release by 4th of July.  We will 
plan on that date.  Allison is aiming to have the pdf generator / picker 
up on the website for then.

== License for website and agreement ==
It appears the least controversial option is to say that the website 
content and agreements is under CC-BY and to make it more explicit as to 
what attribution means (can't call it Harmony) if changes are made.

It could be very confusing if we allow people to change the agreement 
and continue to call it Harmony.

Projects may want to change the title to their specific project, but we 
can include a fixed footer to confirm that it's the standard Harmony 
form.  We will propose to the list the title will be the project name.

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