[Harmony-Drafting] 1.0 launch on Monday

Allison Randal allison at lohutok.net
Fri Jul 1 11:33:44 UTC 2011

We're coming up on the scheduled 1.0 launch on Monday, July 4th. The 
remaining changes under discussion during/after the last call are:

- License for the website and agreements: Based on the discussion, I'm 
incorporating CC-BY for everything into the website text. Will pass 
pages around for review before launch.

- The generated agreement PDFs from the website will put the project's 
name in the agreement title (e.g. "FooBar Individual Contributor License 
Agreement"), with the Harmony name in a footer.

- Agreement not to sue contributor: General agreement seems to be that 
the existing warranties and disclaimers are sufficient (they waive the 
contributor's liability as far as legally possible), and that it's not 
worth repeating them in a different wording.

- Patent license language: I'll integrate the draft revised language 
from the 6/22 post, unless I hear otherwise.

- Whether or how to include a "copyleft" outbound license option: I 
don't have a sense of consensus from the group. My impression, though, 
is that the group members who are most closely related to the FSF are 
also most in favor of the "FSF Recommended copyleft licenses" phrasing. 
For the sake of inclusiveness (representing a diversity of philosophies 
within our agreement templates), I'm inclined to go with that wording. 
The broad array of other possible subsets of copyleft licenses can be 
represented as a specific list of licenses in Option Two.

Any thoughts, comments, questions, or reservations on these discussion 


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